The awards and honors company received In 2016

November 20, 2016

With the continuous improvement and development of the company's image and strength, the work has achieved fruitful results, as of November 20, 2016, the honorary title of the subsidy is as follows:

First, the success of application on the 2015 Zhongmu county advanced
manufacturing development special funds project
According to industry and Information Technology Department of Henan Province, Henan Province Department of finance "on the issuance of special funds for the development of advanced manufacturing industry reporting guidelines of the notice" (Henan MIIT regulations 2015 No. 253), "Zhongmu County Committee of industry and information technology Zhongmu County Finance Bureau on 2015, the advanced manufacturing industry development special funds reporting notice" (MOU Gongxin gauge 2016 No. 10) document, the company through the Finance Bureau of Zhongmu county with the County Bureau of industry and information reporting, selection, expert review, demonstration, publicity program, successful special funds for the development of advanced manufacturing industry in Zhongmu County in 2015, and to the public.
Has received financial subsidies.
Two, won the 2016 annual fourth batch of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhengzhou City echelon subsidies"
According to the "Zhengzhou city science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise research and development expenses", "Echelon subsidies rules for the implementation of the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government on accelerating the development of the public record public space to promote innovation and entrepreneurship implementation opinions" spirit of the document and the request, after the company declared, the competent department of audit, by third party, organization review, online publicity and other procedures. We won the 2016 Zhengzhou city science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise echelon subsidies, and to the public.
Has received financial subsidies.
Three, won the 2016 Henan province advanced manufacturing industry development special funds"
According to the "Notice of provincial industry and Information Technology Committee of the Provincial Department of Finance issued in 2016 on the advanced manufacturing industry development special fund project reporting guidelines" (Henan industry letter of regulation 2016 No. 81), in accordance with the "provincial industry and Information Commission on the development of advanced manufacturing industry 2016 annual special funds to support the project at the end of the distribution of the letter" (Henan letter 2016 No. 201). Company with an annual output of 3 million 600 thousand composite insulator project declaration, the successful development of advanced manufacturing industry in Henan Province in 2016 special funds, has now received funding subsidies.
Four, "Zhongmu County SME development costs echelon subsidies"
To implement the "Zhengzhou cost reduction and supply some suggestions for promoting the rapid development of the sustained and healthy economic entity" (Zheng 2016 No. 9) documents, support and promote the innovation and development of SMEs in Zhongmu County, Zhengzhou City, according to the relevant documents, subsidies for SME development costs, open, the principle of fairness and impartiality, corporate voluntary reporting.
According to the declaration notice, for the information and submit the application materials, reviewed by Finance Bureau County Science and Technology Bureau, county, and effective communication, successfully won the "Zhongmu County SME development costs, and to the public subsidy echelon".
Five, won the 2016 independent innovation products in Henan Province
According to the "CPC Henan Provincial People's Government of Henan Province on deepening reform to promote science and technology innovation driven development of a number of opinions" (Henan 2015 No. 13), to give full play to the leverage role of financial funds, promote enterprises to become the main technological innovation policy, R & D investment, research organizations and the transformation, promote.
Independent innovation of product research and development and scale of application, the provincial science and Technology Department, the office of Finance decided to organize the implementation of the 2017 annual independent innovation products in Henan Province, the evaluation of the province's independent innovation product award.
According to the declaration of the requirements of the company to prepare information, submitted, the final declaration of success, access to independent innovation products in 2016 in Henan Province, the honorary title, the award is now in the process of.
Six, won the "Henan province to encourage the use of high-quality industrial products guide catalog (the first batch)" honor
According to the labor Commission, NDRC and other 12 Committee, office, bureau jointly issued the "Henan Province focus on encouraging the use of high-quality industrial products in a number of opinions", from the establishment of the province of high quality industrial product catalog management system, expand the proportion of government procurement, the province of quality industrial products to encourage key investment projects of high quality industrial products, buy the use of the province to strengthen key areas of procurement the quality of industrial products, improve the "Catalogue" product support policies in five aspects to encourage Henan's products in Henan, and released the first batch of "Henan Province focus on encouraging the use of high-quality industrial products to guide directory". In July 20, 2016, our company successfully selected the first batch of "directory", and to be publicized.
Seven, won the "Zhengzhou hundred high enterprise" title
Zhengzhou Municipal People's government to speed up the economic development of Zhengzhou City, promote the city's industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, to play an exemplary role in leading and driving Youqiang enterprises, municipal government organization named the 2016 annual Top 100 and 100 industrial enterprises. In August 18, 2016, the company successfully won the "Zhengzhou 2016 industrial enterprises," the honorary title, and to be public.
Eight, won the "Zhengzhou engineering technology research center" title
In order to improve the capability of independent innovation, building technology development platform, through the company's declaration, experts to inspect the assessment program, decided to study by the Zhengzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (No.: Zhengke, 2016 No. 76), the company agreed to become the 2016 Zhengzhou engineering technology research center of the construction unit, the company received the honorary title.
Nine, general manager Liu Fenglin won the Honorary chairman of  Zhongmu County, information technology and industrialization Integration Innovation Alliance
Zhongmu County in October 2016 was held in Zhongmu county to promote the integration of information technology and industrialization will be the first inaugural member of Congress, but also an important event in the construction of two areas, the aspiring association secretary general, deputy secretary general, executive director candidates recommended list. Through the joint efforts of the preparatory work, the successful implementation of the promotion of the first member of Congress and director, executive director of the list, the board of directors of the company general manager Liu Fenglin won the "Zhongmu innovation alliance fusion of informatization and industrialization first for the first conference" honorary title.
A series of honors, is the result of joint efforts of the company, for the company to establish a good corporate image to make a contribution, effectively enhance the company's influence and honor. We recognized the company's honor, and make this recognition in the final performance of the work, the company's honor also through the work to achieve. The leadership of the company expressed recognition and appreciation, but also encourage everyone to continue efforts to create brilliant.
A team with no sense of honor is not a hope of the team, a no sense of honor staff will not become an excellent staff. Sense of honor is the soul of the team, every employee should arouse the sense of honor of their own work. Please continue to fight for the honor of the company!