Jingwei: Aiding for students to encourage workers and children to become useful

August 25, 2017

On the morning of August 25, 2017, Henan Jingwei electric power Technologies co., ltd held a "aiding for students, help grow into talent" aiding grant ceremony.

After the college entrance examination this year, the company has a total of 4 worker’s children were admitted to college. The company leader is very happy with this good news. Company executives once again decided to increase the annual allocation of a certain amount of funds to expand the staff children "aiding student" activities, so that each admitted to the university staff and families can enjoy the funding. 
The same day, Jingwei 4 employees for their own admission to undergraduate children, receive 1000 yuan per person aiding grants.
Staff Wang Peng moved to say: "thanks for company care on the staff, the more company grow, the more staff get, grateful words condensed into one simple sentence: working in Jingwei, having a good future"Education is the foundation of one country. In recent years,Jingwei company pay more attention to humanistic care for employees, to create the core competitiveness, and carry out a series of care staff activities . The company continued to expand care activities, mobilize all positive factors for the development of the company, condense all positive energy to the company's development, and gradually display a strong cohesion and combat effectiveness.