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Henan Jingwei Electric Power Technology CO.,Ltd.

Henan Jingwei Electric Power Technology CO.,Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing all kinds of composite insulators,insulator end fittings,transmission and distribution metal fittings since 1996,our factory is located in Zhongmou Automobile Industrial Zone,ZhengZhou City,China.

JW Integrated steel process,forging,casting,hot dip galvanized and mechanical process.Full manufacturing chain of composite insulator,metal fitting, Embedded channel  and fiberglass rod.

Company have various professional and technical pdrsonnel,long-term cooperation with the Xi’an high voltage Institute,China EPRI,Beijing University of Science and Technology,Dalian University of Technology and other institutions,provide technical support for the development of the company.

Quality is our top priority,we established advanced EHV testing lab to conduct the inspection and testing of all kinds of incoming material and final products.

Main ProductsComposite insulators from 10KV to 500KV:
Suspension & tension Insulators&Substation post insulators ,Railway Insulators
Metal fittings

Fiberglass rod

Composite Insulator Workshop

The company has a complete production line from precision casting, rolling, forging, hot dip galvanizing to machining, mandrel drawing equipment, and injection of vulcanized insulators. It is a domestic manufacturer with the production capacity of insulatorfittings, Fiber glass rod and polymeric insulators. The size and quality of the company is second to none in China. The company is the main drafting unit of the industry standard and national standard of composite insulators, and is the leading force in the power fittings and composite insulator industry.